Studio Waverly

Waverly has a vision, and that is to give each client their absolute best hair possible. This means more than just hair that looks nice.. it is absolutely radiant. Radiant hair is healthy, glossy, and it has life: when the you move, the hair moves with you. Radiant color is shiny and multi-dimensional, highlighting your best features and enhancing your complexion. Radiant hair is stylish, but tailored to you whether your style is understated or over the top, professional or artsy, fashion focused or classic.

Waverly has spent the past 14 years working as a stylist and studying anything she could get her hands on to further her knowledge and skill. It takes a certain passion to be an artist. She was nicknamed "The Hair Perfectionist" by a client, and it became a reputation.

She recently opened Studio Waverly to give her clients the best experience possible. Studio Waverly is a small, luxury salon in Southend Charlotte at Lenox Salon Suites. 


  • Waverly attended a small, private school, North Florida Cosmetology Institute , in Tallahassee Florida.
  • She then mentored under Hollywood stylist and renowned educator Mags Kavanaugh while perfecting her skills in Florida. 
  • Relocated from Asheville, NC to Charlotte in early 2015. 
  • Worked at Shine Salon
  • Opened first studio-style salon in 2015
  • Photos of my work published in ebook from Mags Kavanaugh, An Experts Guide to ADVANCED Color Correction in 2018. 

Continuing Education / Advanced Training

  • 2 day intensive hands on training and mastery of Balayage technique in NYC
  • Kevin.Murphy Color class, advance color placement
  • Kevin.Murphy haircut class from Jay Fata. 
  • Completed Redken Style Master Certification
  • Kevin.Murphy Product Education Class
  • Keratin Complex Treatment
  • Bumble and Bumble
  • Alejandro Jimenez's Design Workshop Razor Advanced Cutting Class
  • Martin Parsons' Hairdressing Techniques for the 21 Century in Los Angeles
  • Aqua Hair and Thicken It! Extensions Class with Lisa
  • Ultratress II hair Extensions at Premier Orlando
  • Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Class with Lisa
  • Misael Aponte: The Art of Color & Movement in Los Angeles
  • Mags Kavanaugh: Women's Haircut According to Face Shape & Color According to Face Shape in Los Angeles
  • Paul Mitchell: Men's Cutting Class
  • Paul Mitchell: A-Line Bob Cutting Class
  • Paul Mitchell: The Color Class
  • Paul Mitchell: Blonding
  • Davines Styling Class
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