Cancellation Policy

As a responsible person and as a service industry professional, if I have to miss or reschedule an appointment I’ve made, I am usually more than happy to pay a fee (I insist on it!) because I understand that it may cause my lash artist, skincare specialist, nail tech, etc to lose money. The fee doesn’t usually cover the cost of the service but it at least demonstrates that I intend to be a good, reliable client. I never want to be the reason someone lost income!

If it were only one person, an isolated incident, of course that would be easily dismissed and forgiven. Honestly, maybe only 10% of clients do it— but with a clientele of over 250 clients, you can see the problem it could cause....

Please understand that it is with great consideration that I am enforcing a cancellation policy at Studio Waverly. 

  • I am always happy to accommodate a reschedule for clients who give advance notice and can be flexible with their rescheduled appointment time.
  •  More than 48 hours notice is preferable. This will allow me to fill your appointment time and give another client an opportunity to have their hair done. 
  • Less than 48 hours notice: $25 reschedule fee 
  • Less than 24 hours notice: $50 reschedule fee
  • Same day notice: 50% of the booked service will be charged.
  • Because most clients are now booking 2-3 appointments in advance, my schedule is generally booked for months. Reschedule requests often involve being on the wait list until another opening comes available. I will always try my best to get to you as quickly as possible. 
  • Excessive reschedules, and also last minute cancellations 2x or more times a year: This is unusual, but it does happen. I may offer to only book you via the wait list or refer to another stylist.
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