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Important Information to review before requesting an appointment

 Please read carefully

If you're not a currently a client, click here

If you're currently a client and not ready to venture out for an appointment, I completely respect that.  

Please click here. 

Everyone’s appointments have been affected, and everyone is off-track from what was previously scheduled, so  I am starting over with a clean slate. 

Please take a moment to clear any previously scheduled appointments from your calendar. 

During the first 4-6 weeks, Studio Waverly will be in a Reopening Phase. My primary goal is to see everyone asap and to get caught up. During this time I will only be offering “Express Appointments”.  When you come in for your express appointment, we’ll schedule your following appointment as a normal, full-service appointment. 

Here’s what express appointment includes:

  • I’m seeing one client at a time during this reopening phase.
  • I’ll be limiting appointments to around 1.5-2 hours during this first phase of reopening. I will do as much as I can during this window. For example, if you normally have a highlight with me we will do a mini-light service of just on your part and around your face and re-gloss/re-tone everything to freshen it up so you can feel beautiful until your next, full-service appointment. 
  • You’ll receive a deluxe Olaplex treatment instead of a blow out.  I will wrap your hair up with a customized cocktail of Olaplex and Kevin Murphy treatments to leave on for a few hours as you go about your day. I’ve tested this treatment in the past with a select few clients with glossy, healthy results. This is a win-win, your hair gets to really soak in the treatments, and I’m able to see more clients per day to catch up by skipping the blow dry portion. 
  • I’m happy to trim/dust your hair and do a few highlights or a root color touch up— but please save any requests for changing your hair color or a major haircut until the next phase of appointments when we will have more time to perfect your look. 
  • Express appointment costs will be adjusted for the shorter appointment time, plus a small covid fee to cover the additional requirements and supplies required to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Scheduling and Priority

  • I am transitioning everyone to scheduling over email. On the next page you will find a form to request an appointment. I cannot keep up with the volume of texts I have been receiving, so the next page is vital. You will not receive an appointment without filling out the short form.
  • Because of the special circumstances, priority is up to my discretion and will be a combination of clients who have the worst root grow out and whose schedule is the most flexible/easy to schedule. There are around 250 clients and just one of me, so some will have to wait a couple weeks to get in.. I appreciate your continued understanding and patience. 
  • Due to the nature of the situation, I am asking everyone to avoid rescheduling. 
  • I will pick an appointment based on the information you give me on the next page,

Special Precautions 

  • All clients will be asked to wear a mask for the duration of their appointment. I’ll have a disposable mask for each of you. 
  • I won’t be offering any drinks or snacks during this time. We’ll be wearing masks the whole time. 
  • I’ll be taking extra steps to disinfect every surface between clients and scheduling extra time to do so. When you arrive please send me a text from your car, and I’ll let you know as soon as everything is sanitized and ready for your appointment. 
  • As a client you have likely been with me for years, so we have a level of trust established. I’m asking kindly that if you are feeling unwell even in the slightest, or if anyone in your household has recently been sick, to please let me know. If you show up sick/coughing I will send you home. 
  • I am doing my best to keep the salon safe and prevent spread of the Covid-19 virus. Just to cover all the bases, by continuing to the next page, you're acknowledging that by coming to an an appointment, you are coming in at your own risk

I can't wait to get back to normal, and I look forward to seeing you soon! 

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